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Food for your teeth

Food for your teeth
What should a lunchbox include?

  • Good theeth starts with good food
  • Foods and drinks rich in calcium, fluoride, vitamin B2, vitamin D and vitamin C contribute to strong and healthy teeth. These include grapes, oranges, pumpkin, rye bread, green leafy vegetables, carrots, oats, lean meat and fish.
  • Sugary juices and cool drinks cause an acidic attack on tooth enamel. Fresh vegetables and fruit combinations make for delicious and healthy replacements such as pineapple and carrots.Smoothies made from fresh fruit and pro-biotic yoghurt with crushed ice make for better lunchbox choices.
  • The stickier the food, the worst it is for your teeth. Avoid hard, sticky sweets, lolipops, suckers, toffees and sugary chocolate bars with fruit inside. Add seeds and nuts and dried fruit as snacks instead.
  • Know what the cafeteria and tuckshops sell and give suggestions to the school.
  • Include foods with different textures. Little inexpensive toys, stickers placed in with the new lunch option is a great reward for trying something new. Bear in mind it takes a palate about 18 repetitions before it is able to tolerate something new so be patient and persevere.